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How to Incorporate Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year Into Your Meeting

Recently, Pantone announced Classic Blue as its 2020 Color of the Year. The company called the hue reminiscent of “the sky at dusk.” Traditionally, Pantone’s Color of the Year makes a big impact on the design, decor and fashion around the world. It won’t be surprising to see the color show up at weddings, on invitations, conference branding, social media platforms and more!

Yet fashion designers, wedding planners, graphic designers, interior decorators, and social media influencers aren’t the only ones who can employ this color. Here are ways meeting and conference planners can incorporate Classic Blue into meetings and events:


The branding for your meeting or conference is often tied into the brand of your company (or client’s company). However, no matter how big or small the business is, how you interact with customers, what you’re selling or where you are, one truth is consistent across the board: you need consistent and engaging branding. This year consider bringing the ‘Color of the Year’ into that color mix!


Wayfinding is an important component of conferences and other multi-room events. Classic Blue would be an excellent alternative to black for arrows and the font on the signage. Another option is to use eye-catching white text and arrows while Classic Blue serves as the background color on the signage.

Digital Presentations

Create a beautiful presentation with Classic Blue as your digital backdrop or the color of your text. It’s subtle. However, for meetings that largely have the same attendees year after year, introducing an unexpected color element can be a refreshing change.

Conference Badges, Bags and Swag

Classic Blue can work as the color of branded conference bags or the swag that goes in the bag. The shade is a gender-neutral choice if you’re handing out t-shirts or polos as swag. Classic Blue is complimentary to lots of other colors that you can pull from your event’s branding.


A calming color that doesn’t bring undue attention to itself like Classic Blue is an option for printed collateral and meeting paper products. Unlike more vibrant colors, Classic Blue won’t be distracting during the meeting.

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Don’t Waste Time: Plan Meetings That Are Effective and Engaging

It’s no secret that attending meetings can often become an unpopular activity with employees. Increasingly hectic work schedules combined with the decreased attention span of the millennial population has made it even more difficult to run productive internal meetings. Nonetheless, meetings are often an important part of running a successful business. It’s not too late to change your meeting tactics, engage your employees, and increase productivity. Here are some novel ideas to help you do just that.

Engage All Employees In The Conversation

One of the most frustrating habits that a manager leading a meeting can have is talking at the group, rather than with the group. This quickly leads to inattention and frustration. Rather, a suggested tactic is “call on people gently and strategically.” Evaluate who would be a relevant participant in the topic, and then invite them to speak. Not only will this involve employees, it will increase the flow of ideas.

Encourage And Show Empathy

In order to receive meaningful feedback, it is critical to ensure employees feel comfortable enough to speak without judgment. This allows people to offer their ideas as well as “act as individual agents of change.” Not only will your organization flourish, but employees will begin to flourish as well.

Set Ground Rules And Stick To Them

There is nothing like a manager who sets policies but never adheres to them. Employees not only regard their manager in a negative light, but they are unlikely to follow the policies themselves. It is important to structure a meeting to provide expectation management; that said, ground rules must be taken seriously. For example, try a no-device policy that is coupled with a time limit on the meeting. Tech-free meetings are often more focused and therefore, tasks are accomplished more quickly. These types of policies are effective in engaging your office population, if they are properly adhered to.

Keep Meetings Small

A major point of frustration in many offices is the experience of sitting through a meeting that is irrelevant. It is important for those leading and scheduling meetings to keep them thin, inviting only the necessary participants. Many successful companies adhere to this model, and the result is increased efficiency. Do your best to only bring in critical participants – you can always reconvene if you need different inputs.

These tactics are great for small gatherings, large meetings, and even conferences. Here at AMA Executive Conference Centers, our top priority is helping deliver effective meeting solutions to leaders and professionals. We look forward to the opportunity to host your next meeting at one of our Centers in Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. For more information, contact us here.