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Semicon West 2019 Returns to San Francisco’s Moscone Center

SemiCon West 2019 will be held in San Francisco beginning July 9th at the Moscone Center on Howard Street. With over 550 exhibitors and 80+ hours of business and technical programming, the 3-day convention promises a glimpse of what's next in a field that is rapidly moving BEYOND SMART.

The Best Summer Break Activities in Atlanta

The summer is heating up – making it the perfect time of year to explore Atlanta. Nicknamed the "city in a forest," beautiful trees and rolling hills balance the urban sprawl of Georgia's state capital. No matter what you call it, Atlanta has many unique experiences perfect for taking a summer break:

Tips for Building Better Relationships With Your Co-Workers

In business as in life, it’s impossible to make it alone. This is even truer if you frequently work on team projects or team coordinated meetings and events. Having good relationships with others ultimately makes you happier, more productive, and can help you get ahead in your career. Use these simple (yet effective) tips below to improve your interpersonal relationships and get along better with your coworkers!

The Perks of Adding Fruits and Veggies to Your Meeting Menus

Did you know that watermelon is a berry? Avocados are too! June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to add an array of healthy produce to your next meeting, networking reception, or cocktail hour. Not only is produce a nutritious choice to add to your menu, it is fun, colorful, soothing, and an interesting way to get people talking.

Three Fun Ways to Recognize & Reward Your Team

If you're a manager or team lead, then you need to know how important it is to recognize your team's efforts. If you make it clear that sweat equity gets noticed and appreciated, then everyone is more likely to go that extra mile. However, while it's important to get into the habit of seeing and pointing out when people are doing something right, it's equally important to offer some kind of tangible reward.

How to Make Effective Use Of Your Time

Time is the most precious resource we have, but too many distractions threaten to slow down progress and steal time. If you want to make the most effective use of your time, you'll have to learn how to avoid distractions and maintain momentum.

Choose New York City For Your Next Corporate Meeting

With all the arrangements you have to make, details can make up the majority of your worries. However, at AMA Executive Conference Centers you’ll find that having a meeting, seminar, or conference can be functional, catered to, and productive. In a word, exceptional (without all the worry).

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International: Facts About The World’s Busiest Airport

The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta (ATL) is the busiest airport in the world, serving as a portal to hundreds of destinations, domestic and international, for over 100 million passengers annually. But the airport isn’t as chaotic and stressful as it could be: Hartsfield-Jackson holds the title as the World’s Most Efficient Airport as well, and has held the name for a whopping 14 years in a row. Enjoy a few more fun facts, that we bet you didn’t know about this busy airport!

The Benefits Of A Digital Detox For Meeting Professionals

Considering a digital detox? Phones, tablets, computers, television...there's no denying these screens play a big part of our daily lives. While these tools can be useful for socializing and networking, there is such a thing as "too much" screen time!

The Best Ways to Give and Receive Feedback

Communication is a key component of teamwork. In order to get tasks completed, team members need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively. An important aspect of communication is giving and receiving feedback. When someone on your team could improve or change the way they are doing something, how can you share that in a helpful and positive way? If someone on the team gives you feedback about your performance, how should you respond? Both of these are significant components of effective communication and teamwork.

Bike The Right Way In These AMA Center Cities

Commuting by bike is both healthier and more enjoyable than sitting in traffic 5 days a week. Whether you own a bike or don't own a bike, there are so many great reasons for biking to work, for fun, or for seeing a new city when traveling. Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC all have city bike share programs that give you the opportunity to rent one of hundreds of bikes around their cities.

Everything You Need To Know When Visiting Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is the newest neighborhood in New York City. Featuring more than 100 shops, restaurants, art venues, and attractions, Hudson Yards is now the nation's largest private development and one of most complex construction projects in New York history. We're taking a closer look at what makes this destination unique and why it is a great fit for leisure during your next AMA Center meeting in New York City.

Becoming More Resilient to Change: 5 Applicable Strategies

As technology changes communication and culture, the business landscape is also in constant flux. A person’s professional life is seen as the foundation for personal life maintenance—without a job there is no money for shelter, food, or stability for the individual or their family. So, when the workplace feels unstable, it is natural for workers to feel deeply threatened. One American Psychological Association study identified that “regardless of the economic climate,” money is consistently the leading stressor for Americans. Work (if employed) follows closely as the second major stressor, substantially ahead of family responsibilities and then health concerns.

Top Attractions To Visit While In Washington DC

Washington DC, a compact city defined by imposing neoclassical buildings and monuments, is a premier tourist attraction. A visit to this city will give you the opportunity to see iconic buildings that house the federal government’s three branches which includes the Supreme Court, the White House and the United States Capitol. The area is also rife with performing-arts venues, iconic museums, world-class eateries, lush parklands and hundreds of delightful attractions.

Making The Most Of Your Visit To San Francisco’s Chinatown

Centered on Stockton Street and Grant Avenue, San Francisco's Chinatown is not only the oldest Chinatown in North America but it's a protected historic district. A major cultural center, it covers 24 city blocks. There's a reason this beautiful and culturally-rich neighborhood is host to over 2,000,000 tourists per year. It's a must-see when visiting our AMA Executive Conference Center in San Francisco!

The Top Benefits of Hosting a Retreat for Your Team

Your team works together every day. They have a number of responsibilities and projects that cause them to need to interact and work together. Sometimes, you need to get away from the office for a while with one another. AMA believes it's time for your team to experience the key benefits of a retreat. Here's why!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Success

The fear of stepping out into the unknown is limiting the majority from realizing success in various aspects of their lives. You need to understand that it is impossible to achieve your dreams without overcoming the fears within, and taking risks. Most people are okay with their comfort zone, which hinders them from achieving success.

Simplify Your Life With These TED Talks

For the average person, life is becoming increasingly complex. Our days are busy, our task lists are full, and prioritization isn't just a choice, it's a necessity. Nonetheless, some people have rejected this lifestyle as an inevitability. What if you could simplify your life, accomplish more, and find greater fulfillment? On the blog today, we're sharing a few of our favorite TED Talks to help you do just that!

Streamline Your Workflow and Planning Projects With Trello

The devil is in the details when it comes to meeting and event planning. No matter the size of your event, everyone involved needs to be on the same page at all times. Trello is the web-based tool we think is a hidden gem in our industry – one that you need to keep projects organized and on schedule.

Making Workplace Stress Work For You

We all know about stress in the workplace, but not everybody knows how to make that stress work for them, rather than against them. Stress is basically frustrated energy with no place to go. Managing that same stress means putting it somewhere. Below are some stress reduction tips that can be implemented in the workplace; at the individual, group, and organization levels.