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Five Tips To Help You Perfect The Art Of Thinking On Your Feet

Experienced event planning and meeting professionals know that it is impossible to plan for everything. Even with weeks of preparation, a talented support team, and multiple contingency plans, it is inevitable that something – a last-minute change, a weather event, or an unreasonable request from a client – will derail your carefully laid plans, even if only temporarily.

In a profession that requires planning for the unknown, one of the most valuable skills to have is the ability to perform well under pressure. Here are five tips to help you perfect the art of thinking on your feet:

1. Develop a pre-event ritual.
Putting yourself in the right mindset before a major meeting will help you to keep your cool and power through any challenges that may come your way. Think about actions that are energizing and familiar to you, and build them into an event-morning ritual that will get you ready for a successful day of work. Your ritual might include a workout, your favorite breakfast, or an extra half hour to enjoy your morning coffee.

2. Stay calm and confident.
Remaining calm under pressure will help you project confidence and make effective decisions. Large events are very stressful, but keeping things in perspective can help you keep calm. In most cases, incidents that seem like catastrophes in the moment are really inconveniences that can be easily overcome.

3. Buy yourself time.
When you’re thinking on your feet, you might feel pressure to respond to questions immediately. It is okay to stall and give yourself a moment to collect your thoughts before you speak. Some ways to do this include repeating or paraphrasing what was said to you for clarity, focusing on direct communication, and simply pausing the conversation.

4. Save the blame.
In the event that something does go wrong at your meeting, reserve making judgments or assigning blame. In the rush of an event, communications sometimes break down and it is not always clear what transpired until later. As a leader, you should strive to make your team look good and avoid going on the defensive.

5. Review your own performance after each event.
Whether there was a major mix-up or everything was smooth sailing, take the time to honestly review your performance at each event. Identify your strongest areas, and where you could stand to improve. This exercise will build self-awareness, which leads to confidence.

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The Top Benefits of Hosting a Retreat for Your Team

Your team works together every day. They have a number of responsibilities and projects that cause them to need to interact and work together. Sometimes, you need to get away from the office for a while with one another. AMA believes it’s time for your team to experience the key benefits of a retreat. Here’s why!

1. Your Team Gets a Chance to Build Relationships

During the work day, relationships may be difficult to build. Some team members may prefer to focus on work during the work day, while others never really have a chance to interact with one another. During a retreat, however, you get a chance to build relationships and bond with one another in a way that often doesn’t happen during the typical business day.

2. You Have a More Constructive Environment to Talk

Often, your team members have great ideas, but they’re never sure it’s exactly the right time to share them. During a retreat, on the other hand, they have the perfect chance to chat with other members of the team, including management, and suggest those great ideas. It could be the next great idea that improves your office!

3. You Can Take a Focused Look at the Big Picture

During a retreat, you’re away from the day-to-day grind of the office: the paperwork; the repetitive tasks that have to be completed every week; the software that refuses to work the way you want it to. Often, this is a great chance to take a more focused look at the big picture that drives your company: the company’s values, its plans, and its goals for the future.

4. You Give Team Members a Chance to Decompress

During a retreat, many team members have a chance to unwind in a way that they simply don’t during any other work activity. Hosting a retreat immediately after your busy season or a high-stress project is a great way to help decrease stress levels and help get your team ready to come back and start working on their next project.

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