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Build A Better Team With These Interview Tips Shared By TED Talks

Compelling interviews are the best in exposing the strengths, weaknesses, and potential red flags of an interviewee. They are key before a company decides whether the interviewee is the best fit for them. No company or organization wants to stand behind hiring a person who is not competent, doesn’t understand what drives the company and is not in line with the competitive nature of the marketplace. Conducting a thorough interview will help you verify the skills of the interviewee which you have only seen on paper. These TED Talks will give you a clue on how to handle an interview, which is essential in the hiring process.

Expect the Unexpected: Itzia De Ros

Itzia, a Director of Admissions at IESE’s MBA program, she shares that you don’t know a candidate far beyond their application and their qualifications. She suggests by asking a candidate ‘Who are you?’ will give you a glimpse in who the candidate is beyond the papers. She goes ahead to claim that despite the job you are offering, you should get to know the person better because you are opening them up into your life. She also claims that if you take the interview from that point of view, you will be in a position to know whether that person is a fit to offer a place. Watch the full talk and get to understand that offering somebody an interview is opening them a door into your life.


Marc Pachter: The Art of the Interview

Marc Pachter, who has conducted interviews with some of the most significant people in American history, shares the secrets of a great interview. He explains how to effectively deduce whether candidates are likely to deliver or not. In his talk, he claims that a successful candidate needs to understand and clearly explain how the story turned out. He also adds that you need to host an empathetic interview and feel what the interviewee shares. He suggests that if we can only decide to put ourselves in the shoes of the interviewee, empathize with them and be ready to understand their story; then we will derive much more from them and get to know whether they are a great fit. Watch this talk in full and learn about the art of the interview and how to go about it.

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