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Everything Is Important – How to Prioritize Your Workload

As a meetings professional, you undoubtedly have a to-do list a mile long intertwined with meetings – and every client or project is THE MOST important. So how do you manage your workload when seemingly everything is important? Setting up a balanced and consistent routine are keys to managing your workload well. Here are a few tips to help you start managing your workload more effectively.

Write It All Down

Whether it’s handwritten in a notebook on your desk or a running list on your computer, write down every commitment you make, when you make it. Write down deadlines, write down meetings, and make sure you also write down any personal obligations as well so you can make an effort to plan around them. Being able to see everything in one place is helpful in picking out what you need to prioritize.

Plan Your To-Do Lists

Connected to the tip above, take the time to plan out your to-do lists. At the beginning of each week take 20-30 minutes to review your commitments and deadlines for the week and prioritize your weekly to-do list. Then at the beginning of each day take no more than 10 minutes to look through and prioritize your tasks for the day.

Do One Thing at a Time

We all want to believe we multitask well, but the truth is that we can never complete anything to the fullest of our abilities by working on multiple tasks at once. It takes a lot of mental effort to start and stop a task. Plan to work on one item until it is completed or until you reach a reasonable stopping place to move on to something else. Devoting your entire attention to the task at hand will ensure that you are doing your best work and help you complete the task faster.

Don’t Try to Do it All

Sometimes you just have to say no. You can’t be everything to everyone or take on every task someone asks you to. You have to figure out the best ways to scale your time. Focus on the things that you are truly good at and enjoy, delegate other tasks. Doing this allows you to focus on and do your best work while also giving others the chance to step up.

Take a Minute

Give yourself some downtime. Whether it’s a couple of minutes to take a walk outside every day during lunch or two days home with your family, make time for yourself. The workload you have will expand and contract over time. Make sure you take advantage of your downtime to really recharge.

If your workload is overwhelming you, try implementing just a few of these tips to prioritize and balance your workload. Create or adapt your routine to follow some of these guidelines and you will find yourself breathing a little easier each day. If you are in need of help planning a work meeting or conference, contact AMA Executive Conference Centers and we can help mark that to-do off your list too!