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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Success

The fear of stepping out into the unknown is limiting the majority from realizing success in various aspects of their lives. You need to understand that it is impossible to achieve your dreams without overcoming the fears within, and taking risks. Most people are okay with their comfort zone, which hinders them from achieving success.

Simplify Your Life With These TED Talks

For the average person, life is becoming increasingly complex. Our days are busy, our task lists are full, and prioritization isn't just a choice, it's a necessity. Nonetheless, some people have rejected this lifestyle as an inevitability. What if you could simplify your life, accomplish more, and find greater fulfillment? On the blog today, we're sharing a few of our favorite TED Talks to help you do just that!

Streamline Your Workflow and Planning Projects With Trello

The devil is in the details when it comes to meeting and event planning. No matter the size of your event, everyone involved needs to be on the same page at all times. Trello is the web-based tool we think is a hidden gem in our industry – one that you need to keep projects organized and on schedule.

Making Workplace Stress Work For You

We all know about stress in the workplace, but not everybody knows how to make that stress work for them, rather than against them. Stress is basically frustrated energy with no place to go. Managing that same stress means putting it somewhere. Below are some stress reduction tips that can be implemented in the workplace; at the individual, group, and organization levels.

Don’t Waste Time: Plan Meetings That Are Effective and Engaging

It’s no secret that attending meetings can often become an unpopular activity with employees. Increasingly hectic work schedules combined with the decreased attention span of the millennial population has made it even more difficult to run productive internal meetings. Nonetheless, meetings are often an important part of running a successful business. It’s not too late to change your meeting tactics, engage your employees, and increase productivity. Here are some novel ideas to help you do just that.

Top Meetings and Event Newsletters Delivered Right To Your Inbox

We know the importance of keeping up with the rapid evolution of the meetings and event industry. That’s why we’ve created this list of top publications that can be delivered right to your email inbox. Keep up with the latest news, trends, and tips, and stories by subscribing to these industry-specific newsletters:

One of the Most Important Events of 2019: Global Meetings Industry Day

No matter what stage you're at in your meeting or events professional career, Thursday, April 4th, 2019 should be blocked out on your calendar as the day you tune in on one of the most important days in the meetings industry. Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) is a day of celebration –  industry leaders from over 40 countries spanning 6 continents come together in one global message that "meetings matter!"

3 Guidelines That Will Change How You Plan

Meeting planning is so much more difficult than many people think, and if you don't keep on top of every detail, you can easily become overwhelmed and wind up in a time crunch. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this. Follow these major guidelines below and never dread your planning deadlines again!

The Benefits of Breakfast for Busy Professionals

For many on-the-go professionals eating a healthy breakfast may just not fit into their schedule. Though it’s easier to grab a granola bar on your way out the door, the benefits of eating a balanced breakfast every morning cannot be overstated. Read more to learn about the mental and physical benefits of eating breakfast every day.

See Washington DC With These Free Walking Tours

If you're visiting the AMA Executive Conference Center in the Washington DC area, you're bound to want to see some of the sites as well. There's plenty to experience in this wonderfully historic part of our country, and no better way to see them then by some of the free walking toursoffered around the city. All you'll need is a good pair of walking shoes, a bottle of water, and the time to learn about some of our history.

Visit Atlanta For Awesome Spring Break Activities

Spring Break is a time to let loose and have a little fun...even if you're traveling for business. If visiting Atlanta or our AMA Atlanta Center this spring the awesome news is that you can find plenty to do that will keep you entertained! Enjoy three activities that are favorites for our AMA Atlanta team and their visiting guests.

3 Unique San Francisco Spring Break Activities You Will Love

The city of San Francisco is a study in contrast and a beacon for the creative and the artful. It is no wonder it attracts visitors from all over the world to its picturesque docks and one-of-a-kind vistas. San Francisco is the perfect destination for those who seek adventure and activity as well as for those who just want to relax and have some fun.

Everything Is Important – How to Prioritize Your Workload

As a meetings professional, you undoubtedly have a to-do list a mile long intertwined with meetings – and every client or project is THE MOST important. So how do you manage your workload when seemingly everything is important? Setting up a balanced and consistent routine are keys to managing your workload well. Here are a few tips to help you start managing your workload more effectively.

3 TED Talks To Get Your Team Working Together

It's vital in business that you find ways for everyone on your team to contribute their own ideas – so you can find the best possible way to help your clients. Each employee brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. A group of people working together in collaboration can do so much more than any of us can do alone.

5 Easy Tips for Gathering Post-Meeting Feedback From Attendees

Post-meeting feedback is the foundation for building future events that meet, and possibly exceed, client expectations. Attendees are your largest source for gathering insight into what worked and what didn’t—valuable information for securing returning and new business.

2019 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than attending the nation's three-week long National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC, to admire the 3,000+ cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The festival, which runs this year from March 20 to April 13, produces and coordinates a large variety of events throughout the weeks in honor of both Japanese and American cultures and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Special Spring Offers at AMA Executive Conference Centers

Are you looking for Atlanta, Washington DC or San Francisco locations to host your spring executive meetings? Look to AMA and lock in SAVINGS with new spring promotions!

5 Cool Things To Do in San Francisco After Your AMA Meeting

San Francisco is by far one of the most vibrant cities in America. There is no shortage of one-of-a-kind experiences to be had even if you have only one day to explore. You can take advantage of the scenic cultural landscape and laid-back vibe while you take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the Golden City by the Bay. These activities are the perfect postscript to an AMA Executive Conference Center meeting.

Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Atlanta, NYC, San Francisco and DC

Some of the most iconic cities in the U.S. also have some of the most fascinating histories behind them. Guess which U.S. city had the first pizzeria? We looked into Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco and Washington DC – each an AMA Executive Conference Centers city – and you'll be amazed at some of the things that you may not have known about them!

Holidays at AMA in New York City

Tis the season of business travel during the holidays; when the inevitable question of business or pleasure is sure to come up. However, when traveling to New York City, especially during the holidays, it doesn’t matter if your soul purpose of travel is business; there are plenty of holiday activities that can bring pleasure to any business trip.