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The Human Element: San Francisco’s 2020 RSA Conference

The RSA Conference is coming back to the AMA in San Francisco, and the theme this year is the Human Element. Humanity is the most powerful and comprehensive force in fighting cyber threats, and the RSA offers a unique opportunity to learn about advancements in the field with experts hailing from nearly every corner of the world. This meeting of the minds is an indispensable experience for professionals looking to become vanguards in forging new standards for cyber safety.


This year’s events are expansive, covering crypto and blockchain to anti fraud and machine learning. The extensive list of keynote speakers and featured topics cover everything needed to bring IT security to a new frontier.  The list of events is so large that it’s impossible to visit them all, but every activity is invaluable and there are focused networking opportunities to share knowledge.


Although the seminars and speakers are a highlight, this is a conference and the attendees’ voices are just as important. Being present in the field and bolstering securities hands on puts the working professional in a powerful position to share a unique perspective. The networking events are placed throughout the day with varying focuses to maximize participation. As an example, there’s the “Welcome Reception” which serves as an opportunity to mingle with peers at the start of the expo, enjoying drinks and light food. Taking it further, there’s a “Women’s Networking Reception” celebrating the achievements and contributions of women in technology, and these are just two examples of many.

Our AMA Conference Centers are easily able to accommodate these momentous events. We offer spaciousness with generous square footage and vaulted ceilings without sacrificing comfort. The executive style seating and complimentary beverage service are just a few of the amenities we employ to ensure our venue caters to your needs. Contact us to book the AMA for your next event.