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The Best Ways to Experience NYC’s Central Park this Fall

Fall time in the northeastern United States is welcoming, cozy, and full of beauty. New York City is no exception, with brilliant weather, beautiful scenery, and a plethora of things to do. And as one of the city’s premiere gems, Central Park is the ideal place to catch some of the fall time fun.

Central Park Fun Facts

During the mid-1800s, New York City citizens created a plan to establish public grounds within the city that would rival any other across the world. The project was finalized, passed, and began in 1853 when the city acquired more than 700 acres of land for the job.

Central Park opened to the public in 1859 but continued expanding until 1863. As the first landscaped public park in the country, it is also one of the largest and most beautiful; consisting of an astounding 843 acres. More than 42 million people visit its attractions, events, and general splendor each year. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, Central Park is the place to be in NYC.

Must-See Happenings at Central Park this Fall

Places to Take in the Foliage
With all that acreage and beautiful landscape, Central Park is the perfect place to see the amazing colors and foliage that autumn provides. A few places in particular might be ideal places for finding inspiration, taking a little hike, or planning an event. Try checking out magnificent Belvedere Castleor take a stroll down 38-acres of lush woodlands and majestic nature at The Ramble.

Bring Your Furry Friend Along
Thousands of people walk their dogs in Central Park every day, but when autumn comes around, the dogs come out in droves. Bring your furry friends with you to the park to get in on games, connecting, contests, and more when you attend the My Dog Loves Central Park Fair in late-October.

Visit the Zoo
The Central Park Zoo is open year-round, but fall time is one of the best times of the year to go. Not only is the foliage spectacular, but it’s the perfect weather for walking around and seeing more active animals. Whether you’re there with your family or planning an event for your company, the zoo can offer beauty, fun, and some education.

Get in the Halloween Spirit
Central Park becomes a fall time wonderland around Halloween and if you’re looking for the perfect spooky-cool event, try taking advantage of the Halloween Pumpkin Flotilla. A few days before Halloween, you can take part in festivities like pumpkin carving, costume parades and contests, and the Flotilla. People from all over the world come to see the Pumpkin Flotilla, where pumpkin after pumpkin floats across the water and lights up the sky. An ‘Instagram-worthy’ event to attend!

Take a Tour
If you’re unsure of where to go to see the best fall foliage or simply want to see it all, try taking a tour. There is a variety of Central Park guided tours that can work with both large and small groups. It’s the ideal season for these guided tours and each fall tour is designed to show you the very best parts of the park, though personalized tours can be provided.

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