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5 Easy Tips for Gathering Post-Meeting Feedback From Attendees

Post-meeting feedback is the foundation for building future events that meet, and possibly exceed, client expectations. Attendees are your largest source for gathering insight into what worked and what didn’t—valuable information for securing returning and new business. Here are 5 easy tips for how to gather post-meeting feedback from attendees:

1. Make Providing Feedback Easy

Surveys are a helpful way to gather feedback and are most engaging when they are short and not time consuming. Develop questions that go beyond the standard yes or no answers. Explore using apps like EventMobi, which provides for instant feedback.

2. Monitor Social Media

When attendees have a positive experience—or a negative one—they are quick to share the details on social media. The ability to post comments quickly—along with a hashtag identifying the event or location—makes monitoring social media a must in gathering attendee feedback.

3. Provide Incentives

Most attendees must catch-up on work and family obligations once the meeting is over. Taking the time to provide feedback about the event from which they just returned is yet another task. By providing incentives, such as reduced registration for the next event, is sometimes helpful in drawing their focus and for receiving their feedback.

4. Engage During the Event

Interacting with attendees while they are on site is a great way to capture feedback as attendees are “in the moment.” Their feedback is fresh and can lead to making immediate changes when possible. Additionally, always remember to say thank you. Let attendees know you appreciate their presence at the meeting and welcome their feedback afterward.

5. Don’t Forget Vendors

Your vendors play an important role in the overall success of your meetings and events. It is important to include them when seeking post-meeting feedback. Their input can go a long way to improving the next meeting experience for everyone.

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