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5 Cool Things To Do in San Francisco After Your AMA Meeting

San Francisco is by far one of the most vibrant cities in America. There is no shortage of one-of-a-kind experiences to be had even if you have only one day to explore. You can take advantage of the scenic cultural landscape and laid-back vibe while you take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the Golden City by the Bay. These activities are the perfect postscript to an AMA Executive Conference Center meeting.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is almost a mandatory stop for all visitors to San Francisco. The historic Hyde Street Pier is a maritime wonder in itself where a steam-powered tugboat from 1907 rests languidly beside a square-rigged ship built in 1886. Fisherman’s Wharf is also a lively cafe and food mecca and you will want to grab a sample of fresh crab cooked in steaming cauldrons on the street along with a hot loaf of the local sourdough bread. Take a stroll to Pier 39 for the quaint shops, colorful street performers, and barking sea lions.

Cable Car

Take a ride on the iconic San Francisco Cable Car for a memorable excursion up the steep hills the city is known for. The popular cable cars run all day and in the evenings and tickets may be purchased at the Powell/Market Street turnaround. The cars have outside seats and inside seats but no matter the weather you might want to sit on the eastern side facing the bay for the best Instagram views. The San Francisco Cable Car system is the last working system of its kind left in the world.

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square isn’t just about chocolate but you can take a tour of the factory while you are there. The square has been a San Francisco landmark since 1862 but now houses a complex of quirky shops and trendy eateries. It is a cutting-edge retail destination with pleasant outdoor spaces and a cool nostalgic energy. You can have a bite to eat at Lori’s Diner with its bay views, stop and sip in a wine-tasting room, or have a brew at The Pub. It offers a delicious late night menu and is an ideal end to any day.

Alcatraz Island

Day and night tours to Alcatraz Island are offered by the National Park Service year-round. The experience includes a round-trip ferry ride with an animated onboard narration. The guided tour highlights the island’s notorious history pointing out areas of attempted escape from the prison and other interesting tidbits of lore. Once the ferry has docked, the Cellhouse itself can be explored with a knowledgeable park ranger on hand to answer questions. The night tour features breathtaking views of the San Francisco city lights.


San Francisco’s Chinatown covers 24 city blocks and is one of the oldest in the United States. You can take a slow walk down Grant Avenue, the heart of Chinatown, and be dazzled by the neon lights, glowing lanterns, and sometimes tacky gift shops. The unique atmosphere of herbal stores, smiling fishmongers, and enticing restaurants will have you daring a meander through the alleys and side streets to see what treasures might be hidden there. You will think you left the city for someplace new.

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