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3 TED Talks With an Interesting Take on Grammar

Good grammar is key to professional communication. A solid command of the rules allows you to share your ideas effectively. But for many people, grammar can be tricky and a bit mundane. That’s why we’ve gathered a few of our favorite TED talks on the subject. They each bring a fresh perspective to what can otherwise be a pretty dry topic.

The Tricky Semicolon

Oh, the dreaded semicolon. If you often wonder how and when to use this bit of punctuation, this quick video from Emma Bryce is for you. It’s part of a TED-Ed series that transforms ideas into animated lessons. The video lays out everything you need to know about the semicolon in a fun and creative way. Understanding how to use this tool can help you connect your ideas more powerfully.

Inside the World of a Copy Editor

For something completely different, check out Mary Norris’ quirky take on her experiences as a copy editor for the New Yorker. This may not be a step-by-step lesson on grammar, but it is an insightful look at how to tackle grammatical issues while maintaining the voice of the writing. It’ll get you thinking about how grammar influences the reader’s perception. Making a choice that’s not grammatically correct may do a better job of getting your meaning across.

But Really, What’s the Point?

How much does good grammar really matter? In this video, Andreea Calude poses this very question. The TED-Ed lesson takes viewers on a journey through the history of written language, explaining the cultural background of grammar rules. It explores the fascinating differences between written and spoken language. Mary Norris’ talk posits that the rules can be bent in certain situations. This video compliments that idea nicely.

Who knew grammar could be so interesting? We always enjoy how TED talks put a spin on things. It makes for a thought-provoking learning experience, no matter the topic.